Notre expertise est basée sur le respect et la mise en œuvre des standards internationaux.

La pérennité de votre investissement est un axe qualité que nous développons.

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Services - Inspection and follow-up

In complement of our studies, our consultants can work on your urgent or recurring needs in the services of inspection and follow-up we serve you, in the following fields:

  • Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
  • Factory audit (FA)
  • Social audit (SA)
  • Initial Production Check (IPC)
  • During Production Inspection (DUPRO)
  • Container Loading Check (CLC)
  • Laboratory Testing (LT)
  • Production Follow-up

We are here to meet your expectations in the fields of the oil & gas, the heavy engineering, aeronautics and the data-processing networks throughout ASIA.Within 2 hours,we can arrive at major cities in southern china and even to HANOI(VETNAM), or MANILA(THE PHILIPPINES).Within 3(1/2) hours,we can arrive at BEIJING(CHINA), SEOUL(KOREA), OSAKA(JAPAN) and even KUALA LUMPUR(MAIAYSIA).