Notre expertise est basée sur le respect et la mise en œuvre des standards internationaux.

La pérennité de votre investissement est un axe qualité que nous développons.

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know-how - Real estate settlements

We care about your projects as you do :

  • Geographical inspection for the lease or the purchase of real properties. The studies can integrate other factors such as the resources available and the external risks,
  • Preparation of building site in China in the phases of operation cost estimate , search of business-partner and establishment,
  • Construction or restoration of your buildings: we can intervene as AMO (attending the project superintendent) or as a MOAD (deputy control of work)

While launching your project, we take part significantly in the growth of productivity by solving the unforeseen negative factors which can slow down or even ruin your project. Our presence near the construction sites and our independence are the best guarantee of the quality and the quantity of your establishment.