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know-how - Solar panel photovoltaic in CHINA

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HCEA devotes in clean energy management .
In the universe, the sun is the main source of energy supporting our life . We need water and oxygen to survive on Earth.
The sun is the perfect and renewable energy required in the water cycle same as in photosynthesis.cycle water and photosynthesia
Therefore HCEA creates a division called HCEA SOLAR which specializes in transforming solar energy into electricity.. We have accompanying experts in study in phases, construction of solar facilities and purchase of electricity from solar power 20KW to 2MW.
We do more phases of engineering to produce solar panels.

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We're here to help you in different phases of your projects:

  • Pre-project study dimensional and financial
  • 3D Modeling
  • Optimization of the study (shade, type of panels, design of inverters, cables, brackets ...)
  • Writing data-sheets, specifications and requisitions of the various elements of the project and works contracts
  • Quality control
  • Control and Supervision of erection