Notre expertise est basée sur le respect et la mise en œuvre des standards internationaux.

La pérennité de votre investissement est un axe qualité que nous développons.

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Services - Engineering & support

We back you up in different levels of the engineering cycle with professional technical support and project management,to actualize your project expectations in ASIA in the following sectors:

  1. Information technology,
  2. Industrial engineering (mechanical, oil & gas),
  3. Real estate and industrial establishment.

Our expertise in information Technology enables us to adopt the best and optimum measure in the phase of startup and exploitation of your project.We will take up the following roles to help develop your project:

  • MOAD (delivery partner): we make the interface between the project superintendent and the building owner in order to help this one to define its needs clearly and to check near the project superintendent if the objective is technically practical.
  • AMO (superintendent): for your projects carried out in CHINA or in the other ASIAN countries, we ensure their coordination; we take care of the coherence of the supplies and their compatibility. We will coordinate the action of the suppliers by controlling technical quality, by ensuring punctuality allowed by the MOA (owner building) and by minimizing the risks.