Notre expertise est basée sur le respect et la mise en œuvre des standards internationaux.

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Services - Outsourcing

working with an offshore team in geographically distributed developments (outsourcing) require an expertise asking to manage:

  1. Cultural differences: the difference in the means of communication,language,working habits and training levels.
  2. Remote Work: Vigour and discipline in control add advantages to bigger achievements in equipment installation and follow-up assistance which suit the organization style.

Our successful experience in the past and our offshore task group in china guarantee a professional tailor-made aid to spot out a complementory partner for you to establish your own cell in Asia.Our competence extends in the following fields:

  • The establishment,
  • The negotiation of the contracts with partners,
  • The technology transfer (creation of the workflows and the procedures),
  • Translation of documents,
  • Offshore staff training,
  • The follow-up and framing of the local task group.